Travel by bus from/to Damascus-Palmyra-Aleppo

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Travel by bus from/to Damascus-Palmyra-Aleppo

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:50 pm

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from damascus to aleppo by bus

Post by nancy on Sun May 29, 2011 12:00 am

I will travel in Syria for about a week in july As a solo traveler, I plan to travel by bus from/to Damascus-Palmyra. I will take a bus from Damascus to Amman I would greatly appreciate the expert advice of the best way to do these trips. Thank you for your time and your help, During one week in Syria you can stay two nights in Damascus where you can see the old city and one day outside the city. Then one night at Palmyra. The next day go to Aleppo via Hama to see the old town where you can see the giant water wheels. you can stay two nights in Aleppo to see the old town and to have one day trip around the city, to do the day tours you would need to hire a car ,At the end you take a public bus from Aleppo to Damascus. Busses are available in big cities every half hour, You can go from Damascus to Palmyra by bus, (about 5USD at the time) The bus has A/C and a toilet, Fairly comfortable and easy trip of a few hours. The bus stops and picks up along the main road north-west of Palmyra just far away enough to be inconvenient but a good stretch of the legs after the ride.
suggested tour programe / 8 days
Day 1 Damascus: the old city O/N Damascus
Day 2 Drive to Pamyra (public bus) O/N Palmyra
Day3 take a bus from Pamyra to Hama for a short stop then to Aleppo.
Day4 Visiting the old city of Aleppo
Day5 do an excursion to St Simeon church and the dead city around there
Day6 take th bus to go Damascus. Explore more the city.
Day7 do an excursion trip to eg Maloula and Mar Mousa
Day8: depart to Jordan


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