Culture, living in Damascus

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Culture, living in Damascus

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:51 pm

We provide individual Colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic Lessons to non-speakers in Damascus city in Syria, one of the best places to learn Arabic in the Middle East. The reasonable living cost, the friendly atmosphere around you, the historic culture and religious importance to Damascus city makes your learning experience very interesting and joyful, We are group of private tutors experienced in teaching the Arabic language since many years; we offer you reasonable prices, flexibility in timing and best ways of teaching, Feel free to contact us if you like to have more information, (We can also assist you to find suitable accommodation) email: learning.arabic@

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Linving in Damascus

Post by author on Tue May 17, 2011 5:44 pm

You can find rooms for rent in the old city of damascus , shared kitchen and bathroom at $200 monthly, and you'll be living with a family Many of the renters will object to you having Syrians and/or people of the opposite sex over, and almost all will object to anyone spending the night. Be sure to discuss everything in advance if you decide to go this route (having people over, noise, hot water, laundry, kitchen use, heating in the winter, If you're looking to rent a place with a friend, an apartment might probably be more logical in terms of being able to share the costs and that you'd have more freedom and privacy, but there are many more obstacles to finding apartments these days,There aren't many good apartments' in the old city, but fairly central areas to look that shouldn't be too ridiculously expensive would be Baramkeh, Abaseen, Rukn al din. If you can't find anything in these areas, try Rukn al-Din. It is a bit further out from the city center, but generally cheaper. A neighborhood like Tabaleh, between the old city and Duwelah, might be alright if you get desperate, but it is hardly charming. Definitely avoid places like Jaramana, which are way too far from the city center and are now incredibly overpriced as they've become the preferred neighborhoods for Iraqi refugees. Expensive neighborhoods like Abu Romani, Malki, and Mahajarin are great if you can afford them. Most of Mezzah is nice, but it is also far from the center of the city.


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