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1. Barcelona, Spain
Experience Northern Spain at its finest--on the Mediterranean. Visit ancient castles, museums, Olympic buildings, beautiful parks, beaches and more. We offer a variety of options here including Budget-Friendly and First Choice language schools, College Study Abroad, Professional & Business programs, and a summer camp for teenagers. Barcelona is home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the works of Antoni Gaudi and Luis Domenechi Mantener. This world-class city has an incredible history. For an amazing linguistic, historic and cultural education choose Barcelona. Learn Spanish in Barcelona, Spain or College Study Abroad in Barcelona or Barcelona Teen Camp
2. Madrid, Spain
The famed capital of Spain is renowned for its great cultural and artistic heritage, as well as some of the liveliest nightlife in the world. If you enjoy art, the city hosts some of the world's finest art museums, which you could spend days exploring. Cultural events such as concerts, dance shows, bullfights can all be seen many nights of the week. In addition to the myriad of things to see and do inside the city, Madrid makes the ideal base for travel throughout Spain. Its convenient central location keeps everything no more than 5-6 hours away. Offering 1st Choice and Budget-Friendly language schools, College Study Abroad, Professional & Business programs, and a summer camp for teenagers. Madrid has a course to fit everyone's needs. Learn Spanish in Madrid, Spain or College Study Abroad in Madrid or Madrid Teen Camp
3. Granada, Spain
This captivating Andalusian city is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and only 45 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. Considered by many to be the cradle of many diverse cultures and civilizations, Granada was home to important prehistoric settlements including the Phoenician, Iberian, Roman, Visigoth and Arab civilizations. To this day, the Moorish majesty of the Alhambra Citadel and Palaces dominate the city. As the third largest city in Spain, this university city exudes a lively atmosphere and is a prime location for language immersion, including our College Study Abroad program and summer junior immersion for teenagers. Intellectuals, poets, musicians and travelers, such as Hemingway and Washington Irving, have praised this incredible city where the Christian, Arab and Jewish cultures intermingle and keep inspiring all those who come to visit, study and live. Learn Spanish in Granada, Spain or College Study Abroad in Granada, Spain or Granada Junior Immersion
4. Costa Rica
Costa Rica, known as the Switzerland of Central America, is a 'hotspot' for celebrities flocking to the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. However, AmeriSpan has known of Costa Rica's richness for many years. This small country is a paradise for nature lovers with national parks, jungles, volcanoes, beaches, and more water per square mile than any other country in the world, excluding New Zealand. AmeriSpan programs here are just as diverse as the locations offered. We continue to offer popular programs for adults, college & medical students, teachers and teenagers! No matter which town or program you choose, you will enjoy living the Pura Vida! Learn Spanish in Costa Rica or College Study Abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica or Teen Summer Abroad
5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires continues to be one of our most popular locations. Those who have visited know that this city is truly a jewel. Containing cultural activity to rival any European city, Buenos Aires is an excellent alternative boasting art, museums, great nightlife, restaurants, and fewer tourists. This lively city is a great destination for language immersion, including our College Study Abroad, Professional and Fun programs too. In Buenos Aires, you can sit at sidewalk cafes or restaurants sipping wine while tango dancers perform on the street. Or better yet, learn how to tango yourself with our Spanish & Tango program. And if this doesn't entice you, then go for the barbeque. It's outstanding! Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires or College Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Teen Summer Abroad
6. Antigua, Guatemala
As one of our most popular and least expensive locations, Antigua also happens to be a favorite of several AmeriSpanistas. We offer many programs here that afford you the opportunity to experience more of the culture for less. Those with limited time and money will appreciate the opportunity presented by the "Un Poco de Todo" program, which incorporates classes, volunteering and excursions to some of the best spots in Guatemala. We also offer a SALUD Medical Spanish program that offers medical students the opportunity to gain some professional experience and will prepare them to better serve the Hispanic community in the US. Learn Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala
7. Ecuador
Not many countries as small as Ecuador have such diverse climate regions. This country has the tallest active volcano in the world, great white sand beaches, tropical rain forests, deep crevasses and colorful Indian markets. Additionally, Ecuador is well known for its social and political stability. Our three destinations of Cuenca, Montanita and Quito entice the language traveler and student to further explore this great country. With a myriad of program options available, there will be something for you, no matter if are interested in general language immersion, fun, professional, teenager or College Study Abroad. With our assorted program options and destinations there is no end to the countless types of activities and events that will make your trip to Ecuador a once in a lifetime experience! Learn Spanish in Quito, Ecuador or College Study Abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador or Quito Junior Immersion for Teens
8. Cusco, Peru
This ancient Incan capital has now become a major stopover for tourists, based on its proximity to must-see sites such as Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. Floods in late January of 2010 disrupted the only rail link between Cusco and the ruins, and closed Machu Picchu for two months. In early April, Peruvian officials celebrated the reopening of this national treasure. Cusco possesses an interesting colonial history and the architecture from the diverse peoples that have populated the city still survives in and around town. While the elevation creates a cool environment, the warmth of the Peruvian people (and the alpaca sweaters!) will put Cusco at the top of your list. Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru
9. Paris, France
There is no doubt that Paris is one of the top destinations in the world. Its influence can be found in art, fashion, education, science, entertainment, food, architecture, romance and so much more. Travelers from all over the world enjoy its history and culture. How great would it be to learn French while visiting famous parks, gardens, monuments and museums? "The City of Lights" has inspired so many. Why not let it inspire you? Learn French in Paris or Teen Summer Abroad
10. Quebec City, Canada
For many in the US and Canada, Quebec is just a car-drive away! Quebec is a great location because the cost-of-living is lower than in the larger city of Montreal. But even better, you'll have a true immersion experience in Quebec City. Between cobbled streets of the old section, the Chateau Frontenac and the French-first mentality that is lacking in other parts of Francophone Canada, you could easily imagine that you've been transported to a quaint village in France! Learn French in Quebec, Canada
11. Rabat, Morocco
This lovely colonial city is the perfect setting to begin or continue your Arabic immersion study. Set in a quiet residential neighborhood, this school offers lots of personal attention, with teaching assistants on-hand to help out in every classroom. Wonderful reports from past participants, great accommodation options (including homestay) and Rabat's excellent location for visiting other parts of Morocco all add-up to a can't-miss location! Salaam, Rabat! Learn Arabic in Rabat
12. Guanajuato, Mexico
The whole country is a popular destination for its close location and diverse landscape and culture. Our favorite location here is Guanajuato. Guanajuato was first visited by AmeriSpan's co-founders in September 1993. The city quickly grew on us because we loved the city's youthful vibe, the friendly locals and the quirky city layout. Guanajuato continues to be a highly recommended destination by AmeriSpan's staff. Once you visit, you will never want to go home! Learn Spanish in Mexico
13. Salvador, Brazil
Salvador da Bahia boasts impressive colonial architecture, art galleries, baroque churches and beautiful beaches. Salvador is Brazil's third-largest city and contains a truly unique mix of traditional African, Portuguese, and Amerindian cultures. Our language program offers impressive teaching methods, course curricula, and a variety of activities throughout the week such as samba lessons, cooking classes and capoiera. We feel it is one of our most popular locations because of the unique culture and warm atmosphere in Salvador. A past participant once put it this way after attending Carnival: "In Rio, you can watch the carnival parades from the sidewalk, in Salvador you put on a mask and join in!" Learn Portuguese in Salvador, Brazil
14. Beijing, China
In a city where ancient meets modern, there is little a traveler cannot see here. The second largest city in China, Beijing has been the imperial city for nearly 2,000 years, which gives the impression that you are witnessing the blending of ages. Courtyard houses can be found amongst rising skyscrapers as old traditions compete with modern-day conveniences. Do not miss the Beijing opera, which has been considered the height of Chinese cultural sophistication. It combines movement, song and dialogue transports you to another time. Other sites to see include the Forbidden City the home of emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties, Tiananmen Square, temples, pagodas, the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty and the gardens at Summer Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn Chinese in Beijing
15. Florence, Italy
Located in the heart of Tuscany, Florence has much to offer any traveler and even more to the language learner. Undoubtedly, the art and architecture here are some of the worlds best. One can spend hours staring at the David's magnificent form or contemplating the other works at the Uffizi. While strolling town, you can easily find your way back to the center by using your newly improved language skills and the magnificent and colorful Duomo as your guide. Practice new vocabulary by ordering a glass of rich Tuscan wine; chat with local at neighborhood café over a cappuccino; or take a cooking class to learn how to make pasta like your grandmother did. No matter how you spend your time in Florence, it will be an enriching experience. Learn Italian in Florence


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