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Study Arabic and Cultural Immersion Programs in Cairo, Egypt
Cairo - Egypt Our Cairo school was established in April 1975 and is the foremost language institute in Egypt, in the teaching of Arabic. The school is situated in Central Cairo on the west bank of the Nile, in a suburb of Cairo called Mohandiseen. However it is only a 15-20 minute drive to Tahrir Square (downtown Cairo) and only 30 minutes from the famous ... (A961).
Languages Abroad

Learn Arabic in Egypt
Cairo - Egypt Learn Arabic in the capital city of Egypt. Cairo, located on both banks of the Nile River, is a mixture of twisting and crowded streets, medieval buildings, oriental bazaars, and Islamic architecture. Also encounter luxurious hotels, sophisticated restaurants, nightclubs, and cultural facilities of every kind. Find world treasures like The Giza ... (A8837).
EasyGO Languages

AmeriSpan - Learn Arabic in Cairo, Egypt
Cairo - Egypt Arabic language program in Egypt with programs in Cairo (A6326)
AmeriSpan Study Abroad

Golden Heights Academy
Great Cairo - Egypt Golden Heights Academy is an independent school for teaching Arabic for Non-native speakers.It offers not only professional language training ,but also a comprehensive service for all those who ... (A11094)
Golden Heights Academy

Study Arabic Abroad in Egypt for Students and Adults - ESFA
Cairo - Egypt Learn and study Arabic in Egypt, the land of the Nile, the Great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx and one of the most diversified and developed economies in the Middle East. The Nile Valley was once ... (A10847)
ESFA Language Travel

Summer program 2011
Cairo - Egypt The Arabeya Institute is now offering Arabic language course in winter season Our program includes Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) by our fully-trained, ... (A11143)
Arabeya Association

4u Arabic School
Cairo - Egypt At 4u Arabic School our philosophy and Learning Approach: We ensure that you are provided with every opportunity to practice your newly acquired knowledge of the Arabic language, through constant ... (A10956)
4u arabicschool

Arabeya Center
Cairo - Egypt Welcome to the Arabeya Association for the study of Arabic language in Egypt. At Arabeya in the heart of Cairo you will have the opportunity to learn how to read, write and speak Arabic under the ... (A10382)
Arabeya Center

U-Can Arabic Language Institute
Digla, Maadi, Cairo - Egypt Our goal is to offer excellent Arabic language courses and equip our students with language skills and a cultural understanding, that will allow them to work and interact smoothly and effectively in ... (A10230)
U-Can Arabic Language Institute

4U Arabic School
Cairo - Egypt 4U Arabic school was established in Cairo in 2003 by professionals in the field of teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. We use a modern lively approach to teaching Egyptian colloquial and ... (A6558)
4U Arabic School

AL Diwan Arabic Foreign Language Teaching Center in Cairo
Cairo - Egypt Registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, Al diwan center is establishment in 1997; its students come from over 50 countries, and the educational administrators and teachers are ... (A6530)
AL Diwan Arabic Foreign Language Teaching Center in Cairo

International Language Institute, International House Cairo
Cairo - Egypt International Language Institute is part of the Worldwide Organization of International House, London which now has 150 member schools worldwide. We were established in 1975 and now, as a specialized ... (A10083)
International Language Institute, International House Cairo

Arabic School in Egypt
Luxor, Alexandria - Egypt A sunny way to learn Arabic is to come to Egypt, we organise classes in Luxor and Alexandria. We learn Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Dialect. Minimum stay required is 2 weeks until 3 months. We ... (A7350)
Arabic school in Egypt

Arab Academy
Cairo - Egypt Cultural immersion study abroad, offering coursework in Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial, Islamic Arabic, or any combination. Taught only in Arabic, courses are designed to accommodate all ... (A8747)
Arab Academy

Episcopal Training Centre
Maadi - Egypt The Episcopal Training Centre was established in 2001 to teach Arabic to expatriates in Maadi and Cairo. The ETC is conveniently situated next to Hadayek el Maadi Metro station, which provides ... (A10295)
Episcopal Training Centre


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