Food, Restaurants In Damascus

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Food, Restaurants In Damascus

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:45 pm

You can discuss here about all kind of syrian foods Smile

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syrian food restaurants

Post by syrian on Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:48 am

Baba ghanouj - char-grilled aubergine (eggplant), tahina, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic puree—served as a dip.
Batata harra - literally "spicy potatoes".
Fetté Shamiyyé - A class of dish all by itself, made of crushed flatbread, yogurt and chickpeas, typical of Damascus.
Fattoush - 'peasant' salad of toasted pita bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, chickweed, and mint.
Falafel - small deep-fried patties made of highly-spiced ground chick-peas.
Fried eggplant
Fuul (Vicia faba) or Ful Halabi (after Aleppo)slow cooked mash of brown beans and red lentils dressed with lemon olive oil and cumin.
Hummus - Also called 'Müsebbeha" in Damascus, dip or spread made of blended chickpeas, sesame tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, and typically eaten with pita bread
Kibbeh - the national dish, mainly stuffed, can be made in different form like (fried,uncooked,cooked with yogurt)
Kibbeh nayye - raw kibbeh eaten like steak tartar.
Kabab - fingers, stars or a flat cake of minced meat and spices that can be baked or charcoal-grilled on skewers.
Kousa Mahshi- stuffed squash, many varieties are used
Labneh- strained yogurt, spreadable and garnished with good olive oil and sea salt.
Lahm bil ajĩn a pastry covered with minced meat, onions, and nuts.
Makdous - stuffed eggplant in olive oil
Manaeesh - mini pizzas that are made in any number of local bakeries or Furns (Furn Assalam, Ain El Hilwe, Saida), traditionally garnished with cheese, Zaatar, or minced meat and onions. some bakeries allow you to bring your own toppings and build your own or buy the ones they sell there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mujaddara - cooked lentils together with wheat or rice, garnished with onions that have been sauteed in vegetable oil.
Mutabbel - made from eggplant
Pastirma or Bastirma
Shanklish -string cheese
Shawarma -pieces of lamb or chicken layered on a vertical skewer with small pieces fat; slow roasted and served on a sandwich (see Doner kebab)
Shish taouk- grilled chicken skewers that utilize only white meat, marinated in olive oil, lemon, parsley, and sumac
Tabbouleh - diced parsley salad with bulghur, tomato and mint.
Yabraq - stuffed grape leaves
Za'atar - dried thyme and sumac that can differ from region to region and from family to family.
Baklava - a dessert of layered pastry filled with nuts and steeped in Atar syrup (orange [or] rose water and sugar), usually cut in a triangular or diamond shape.
Taj al-malek (King's crown) - a dessert of round dry pastry, centre is filled with pistachio, nuts or cashew.
Swar es-sett (Lady's wristlet)-a dessert of round pastry steeped in Atar syrup while the centre is covered with smashed pistachio.
Lisan asfour (Sparrow's tongue)
Znood Es-sett (Lady's arms) - filo pastry cigars with various fillings
Asabe'e antakiyyeh (Antioch fingers) - a finger-like rolled and stuffed pastry.
Halawet al-jeben - Cheese pastry, rolled and stuffed with cheese or thick milk cream, served with Atar syrup.
Mamuniyeh - semolina, boiled in water and added by significant amounts of sugar and ghee butter, usually served with salty cheese or milk cream (qeshtah).
Zilebiyeh - thin sheets of semolina dough, boiled, rolled and stuffed with pistachio or milk cream (qeshtah).
Ghazel al-banat - sugar, toasted with a special system and stuffed with pistachio or cashew.
Halva - sesame paste sweet, usually made in a slab and studded with fruit and nuts.
Kenafeh - shoelace pastry dessert stuffed with sweet white cheese, nuts and syrup.
Ma'amoul - date, pistachio or walnut filled cookies shaped in a wooden mould called a tabi made specially for Christian (traditionally Easter) and Muslim holidays (such as Ramadan).
Qada'ef- Semolina dough stuffed with a paste of sweet walnuts or milk cream and honey syrup (qater).
Nabulsiyeh- a layer of semi-salty Nabulsi cheese covered with a semolina dough and drizzled with a honey syrup (qater).
Arab cuisine
Assyrian cuisine
Iraqi cuisine
Jordanian cuisine
Lebanese cuisine
Levantine cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
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